MVT Machine Vision Services

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MVT is an independent machine vision integrator. This means that we are able to choose any machine vision software and hardware for a particular application and can therefore give our customers a solution that closely matches their requirements.

We are able to provide both off-the-shelf machine vision systems and customised solutions to ensure that we can meet our customers' needs. Machine vision systems with customer-specific front-screens can give production line staff a clear message regarding product failures, reject rates and statistical process control in a format that is familiar to them.

Machine Vision

The core of machine vision is measurement (including microscope-based measurement), presence/absence checking, colour analysis and position-checking. The products to be checked by machine vision systems may be metal, plastic, rubber or even food such as pies or fruit and vegetables. We have the expertise to provide solutions to many diverse machine vision problems. We routinely provide feasibility trials to show a potential customer how a task may be completed. Machine vision systems are usually installed 'online' and do not restrict conveyor or production line speeds.

Machine Vision and OCR / OCV

OCR (optical character recognition) and OCV (optical character verification) are superficially similar tasks that require different tools to complete successfully. MVT has a great deal of experience in both, having carried out OCR with machine vision systems on fast-moving, variable fonts in multiple industry sectors and also OCV on printed parts. With our expertise we are able to perform many checks per second.

Machine Vision Systems can read Barcodes and DataMatrix!

Barcodes and data matrix (2d barcodes) are visual codes that can be read and decoded by machine vision systems. The increasing use of data matrix codes is linked to the aeronautical, automotive and semiconductor industries' requirements for 'traceability'. The intention is that batch or serial numbers can be permanently marked onto components. This is useful for tracking defective batches and also identifying counterfeit parts. In addition to other machine vision applications it is often worth considering that vision systems can carry out this function as well as those mentioned above. MVT can provide datamatrix readers and advise on how data matrix could help your industry.

Machine Vision Consultancy and Training

As well as complete solutions, MVT is able to give machine vision systems training or consultancy for existing installations. MVT has found that when non-specialists install or alter vision systems mistakes are frequently made. We are able to offer our services and experience to improve your vision installations.

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