OCR and DataMatrix

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OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and DataMatrix (2D barcodes) are two techniques by which products or components can be identified by a vision system. These are known as automatic identification methods.

MVT has a great deal of experience in both, having carried out OCR with machine vision systems on fast-moving, variable fonts in multiple industry sectors. With our expertise we are able to perform many checks per second.

DataMatrix are visual codes that can be read and decoded by machine vision systems. The increasing use of data matrix codes is linked to the aeronautical, automotive and semiconductor industries' requirements for 'traceability'. The intention is that batch or serial numbers can be permanently marked onto components. This is useful for tracking defective batches and also identifying counterfeit parts.

DataMatrix marks are designed with a degree of built-in redundancy so that damage to the mark does not necessarily make it unreadable. Some customers choose to mark products directly (laser-marked, moulded, dot-peened etc) while others prefer to use it as an advanced code on a label, where it can store much more information than a similar-sized barcode. DataMatrix can also hold alphanumeric information rather than just numeric, meaning that there is no need for a look-up table of values.

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DataMatrix (2d barcodes) are visual codes that can be read and decoded by machine vision systems.

MVT can provide datamatrix readers and advise on how data matrix could help your industry.

  • Data Matrix can carry 25 to 100 times more information than typical bar code: 3116 numeric, 2335 alphanumeric characters or 1556 bytes of binary information.
  • Designed to survive harsh industrial environments: 6 error correction schemes to allow recovery from symbol damage.
  • Round dots or square cells from almost any type of print device: Inkjet, Etch, Dot Matrix, Pin Stamp, Thermal Transfer, Pad Print, Laser Print, Web Press


  • Permanent product identification,
  • Serial/batch number marked for the life of the product,
  • Security & counterfeit prevention.
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