High Speed Easy Open Seal Faults

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The system is to interrogate the top of every can utilising 3D technology at line speed. Eliminating your weakest link.

This solution prevents:

  • Faulty seal product entering cookers
  • Damaged cans jamming lines and Cookers
  • Exploding Cans


  • Fault detection size of 0.10mm
  • System resolution of 0.050mm

This means it can be installed at any point on the line, typically after product filling prior to the cooker/sterilizer.

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The system can also include Rim damage.

  • Can speed up to 1000 per minute
  • With or without gap
  • Conveyor mounted with line height variation adjustment.
  • Simple product changeover (keyboard entry / or automatic from factory system)
  • Enclosures to food industry standards IP66 rated
  • Interfaces to line to operate reject mechanism
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