Surgical Instrument Track and Trace
2D Matrix Code Reader/ Verifier

Instrumental track and trace

DMC Verification types-

  • ISO –IEC6022;2000 AIM Specification
  • ISO – IEC15415
  • AS9132 RevA;2000BC Licence ANSI

September 2009 onwards-

  • AIM DPM-1-2006 DMC Licence

Track and Trace-as driven by GS1

  • Supplier/Distributor to NHS stock
  • Stores to theatre
  • Usage and sterilisation records

The Data Matrix

2d Data Matrix

The Data Matrix is a 2D symbol capable of storing a large amount of information within almost any physical size. It has wide adoption including the aerospace, automotive
and of course the medical industries.

Unlike barcodes, Data Matrix symbols can be applied directly onto the product, and or the
Packaging. It can also be read in any orientation and can contain alphanumeric information
rather than just numbers, removing the need for a ‘look up table’ of product numbers.

The Instrument Verifier is a presentation reader designed to read 2D Data Matrix symbols on instruments, or other small items. Surgical instruments have a value that far exceeds their size, making the ability to individually track and trace each item highly desirable. With this device organizations can easily track each item while eliminating manual data entry, thus improving the speed and accuracy of costs and data collection.


  • Integrated lighting and state-of-the-art optics
  • Read and audible operation makes reading fast and easy
  • Manufactured in SS to IP65
  • Fiducial area for code positioning
  • Fixed standoff
  • Verification TCP/IP output available
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