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MVT TABLET and capsule machine video.

June 2013

MVTPharma Demonstration.

June 2013

Vision Systems and Design.

April 2013

News itemMVT applies fundamental design techniques of vision design to solve previously unimaginable problems. Inspection of top, bottom and side edge views of objects. Machine vision systems and design utilize all of the image processing methods.

Unique 1 and 2D code reading camera.

March 2013

News itemMVT are pleased to be a UK distributor of the UNIQUE code reading camera.

With One meter depth of field.
Up to 200 bar codes reading ability in field of view in ANY orientation !

It is the high-end industrial reader designed for logistic applications.
Through 5 million pixels captured 15 times in a second, enables a range of applications never covered before by an imager.

It perfectly meets the requirements of both automated and manual material handling.
Thanks to the extraordinary acquisition rate at very high resolution and the strong illuminator, it is the perfect solution for high speed transportation on small and middle size conveyors.

The large area coverage in a single shot permits the highest throughput and maximum ease of use. Some additional features - continuous frame acquisition, no-flashing white illumination, colored spot indicators - actually make the unprecedented solution for operator attended applications, as manual object presentation in overhead scanning mode or manual conveyor loading.

Tyre OCR - to read the DOT codes.

August 2012

News itemMVT applies 3D vision technology to meet US and EU legislation in the automotive industry to read and store the DOT code of each tire fitted to a vehicle when supplied by the OEM. The DOT code comprises of the ID of the tire manufacturer and the date of manufacture.

MVT transfers its success

MAY 2012

News itemMVT transfers its success of OCR of codes and dates from the food canning industry to the Drinks Cans industry. The real problem here to solve was that the cans have a CONCAVE and SHINY surface, rather than a flat surface. MVT with over 23 years in the vision industry has solved the problem RELIABLY with minimum false rejects.

No downturn for MVT


News itemAlthough we haven’t added “News” since August 2010 MVT has not been idle. We have been very busy benefiting from repeat business. We have successfully supplied five automatic vision inspection machines for a major food project within the UK plastic molding industry.

The end customer, a Blue Chip manufacturer has increased production to meet global demand and has agreed to the purchase of three more of our machines. These new machines are at an increased throughput of 1800 per minute! This includes dimensional and OCR inspection. So despite all that we are told about the downturn in manufacturing, MVT is going forward into 2012 with a very healthy order book.

Unreadable 2D Codes


News itemThis is a typical manufacturing problem. The product has to be marked immediately the material is available for complete traceability throughout manufacture.

Unfortunately the manufacturing process can involve removal of material, CNC turning, grinding, and even shot blasting. So sometimes it is necessary to “over mark” the code to ensure its durability. Then it can be impossible to read that code and retrieve the ID it contains. It is only with the use of specialist lighting and targeted software will you solve this problem.

“Grande olde” vision system retires

JUNE 2010

News itemOn the 2nd June 2010 Machine Vision Technology retired off a system installed 10 years ago. At the customers request it was replaced to prevent what would still be any “embarrasing” problems.

Vision systems do unfortunatly have a “will they really work reliably” reputation. Machine Vision Technology installed a particular system 10 years ago in the automtive industry. Which as we all know has the reputation for being the most demanding enviroment. They get worked flat out with minimum maintenance 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

The customer congratulated MVT for supplying a rugged reliable system and wishes it well and safe on its well deserved retirement after 10 years service.

At which point the champange was opened and shared!

Machine Vision technologys MD Brian Castelino stated “it has been a pleasure to work with it, it will be a hard act to follow, and hopes it will have a safe and happy retirement, it is hoped to find a safe sunny spot for it”.

The BIG question is “and what system was it?” you will be amazed!

So call us and find out—and very topical it is!

MVT Have a New Logo


News itemThis new logo reflects MVT attitude and answer to the “the cities move out from recession” - MVTs M.D. Brian Castelino states - we are justifiably proud of surviving the last two years and we continue to move forward with the latest technology and support from our partners and customers.


Repeat Business


News itemFollowing the successful conclusion of 2009 for MVT it has started the new decade by securing an order for the most revered type of projects-"REPEAT BUSINESS"

This is for TWO REPEAT SYSTEMS at first installed over 12 months ago in another blue chip customer within the food industry. The customer did originally hope to install these in the summer of 2009. Then as with many other projects they where put on hold waiting for an improvement in the business. The customer has now begun to benefit from the upturn in the market sufficiently enough to agree to place this substantial order with MVT. This now places MVT in the enviable position of beginning this new decade with an extremely healthy order book.

Major "blue chip" medical device manufacturer


News itemMVT not only has survived 2009 it finished the year by adding a major "blue chip" medical device manufacturer to its portfolio of customers.

Following lengthy design, application discussions and engineering meetings an order has been secured to provide a track trace and device validation system within a clean room environment. This system also includes validation of all relevant coded information on the devices and the documentation within and on the packaging. This order gives a very healthy beginning to MVT for 2010.

Surgical Instruments 2D Code Reader/ Verifier


News itemThe Instrument Verifier is a presentation reader designed to read 2D Data Matrix symbols on instruments, or other small items. Surgical instruments have a value that far exceeds their size, making the ability to individually track and trace each item highly desirable. With this device organizations can easily track each item while eliminating manual data entry, thus improving the speed and accuracy of costs and data collection.

Expiry dates

JULY 2009

News itemIn answer to the M & S requirement, that for 2010 all M & S products must have the product expiry date read and verified, MVT has made available a reduced specification verison of its successful product verification system. It has the ability to read and verify the correct product and then the relevant expiry date. The date and product can be menu selectable or communicated from the factory management system.

Gamp 5 Validation

APRIL 2009

News itemGamp 5 Validation of computerised systems is a regulatory requirement in a number of industries, primarily pharmaceutical. We have instigated a process whereby we will develop our systems in a pragmatic, risk based manner, in line with the principles of GAMP(R)5. We aim for our latest systems to be validation ready – with minimal validation effort required by our customers.

Retrofit of Inspection to Counting and Bottling Machine


News item This integration of two proven technologies proves cost effective, prevents product mixing, and is easily retrofitted on 6 to 24 lane inspections

Can be to be retrofitted to:

  • Pharma Packaging Systems
  • Swift Pack
  • Cremer
  • And others

We use two colour spaces, HSI and RGB, to determine the correct colour of the product. Various parameters are used such as length, width, diameter, surface area and texture for cracks, chips and deformed tablets. Our software provides not a minimum counted analysis, but a continual tracking and analysis throughout the field of view of the camera.  An analysis can be made every 50ms.

RFID Track and Trace Solutions


News itemMVT can offer tack and trace/manufacturing control solutions utilizing RFID HF and UHF technology. RFID Solutions available for:

  • Food and Beverage Industries - HF for track and trace during manufacture, with UHF for pallet, case and returnable asset tracking through the supply chain.
  • Pharmaceutical - "E-Pedigree" utilising 2D and RFID solutions for track and trace, with authenticity and anti counterfeiting protection.

Enough Gloom

JULY 2008

News itemSo to counter the recession - MVT has formed a "Referrals Group", a network of suppliers which will meet regularly and discuss potential projects and solutions for mutual benefit. The group includes - Adept Robotics, Automation Systems, Machine Building Systems, Siemens Automation, and Western Mechanical Handling.

Robotics guidance accuracy

MAY 2008

News itemRobotics guidance accuracy- with the use of a high res camera and custom software MVT gives guidance accuracy of 6 microns on a 50 x 50mm field of view. This enables a previously unknown placement accuracy and reliability to an assembly operation.

MVT moves into new sector

APRIL 2008

News itemFollowing the transfer of its unrivalled OCR expertise from the Food industry into the Pharmaceutical industry two years ago, MVT have now progressed into the Road Haulage Logistics business with POD/Document scanning.

A new generation of high resolution cameras

MARCH 2008

News itemThe new high resolution High-performance F-421C colour camera with 2048 x 2048 pixels now supplied by MVT with IEEE 1394b are ideally suited for the most demanding applications thanks to their high resolution and frame rate. With 64 MB image FiFo, up to 15 fps; 14 Bit and including 4,5m industrial Firewire cable, SDKs, and viewers.

MVT becomes Siemens approved integrator


News itemHaving worked along side Siemens on several projects this year MVT are proud to announce that we are now a Siemens Approved Integrator. This enables us to provide a total solution for projects, in conjunction with Siemens, from system design, to integration and ongoing support.

Record number of installations at Premier Foods


News itemMVT have now installed a record 23 repeat OCR Systems in Premier foods, live on the food canning production lines.

MVT appoints Indian agent.

MARCH 2007

News itemMVT is pleased to announce that they have appointed their first agent in India. The MVT team welcome Vivek Grover of; Grovers International, 3F4 Shankardham, Sundervan Complex, Off Lokhandwala Complex Road, Andheri (w), Mumbai - 400053, INDIA.
To contact please call: 91 22 26313092 /26314079.

Product Code and Date OCR System


News itemComplete self conatined in line code and or date reading and verifying system engineered and developed.

Now available - 360 degree capsule inspection


News itemThe ability to inspect the presence and the quality of printing on capsules completely around the capsule is now available as an engineered system. This can be included with surface quality, colour,and filling capacity.

Vision Hardware


News itemOur latest cameras use Gigabit Ethernet, it is a high speed data transfer protocol that allows cameras to use standard Cat5 cabling and network hardware to transfer image data directly to the host PC resulting in low CPU overhead.

The AVT Pike Firewire camera family uses the new super fast IEEE-1394b S800 interface.

Drug release hole detection


News itemWe can implement Quality Control of surface defects such as cracks, and chips. We also have the ability to confirm the presence of logos and dosage values, including the presence and position of drug release holes.


Solution found for OCR on capsules.


News itemFor transparent capsules or soft gel type we can also check for bubbles and contamination.

Blue chip solution


News itemThe next five product verification systems have been delivered and installed to a blue chip food manufacturer.

With a 100% pass rate

JULY 2006

News itemThe next tablet inspection machine has been successfully installed, commissioned and accepted for production in a reputable blue chip USA pharmaceutical manufacturer. With a 100% pass rate of good tablets and zero pass of false rejects it has far exceeded the specification and the customers expectations.

Incredible Success Rate on 0.8 million Reads


News itemOn a live application reading the codes on Cans of food with a continous run of 0.8 million Cans MVT have achieved a recorded 99.914 percent success.This line has been running sucessfully since November 2004 and is one of seven such installations.

Orders keep coming in!


News itemMVT have received another order from the Pharmaceutical industry for a Tablet Inspection Machine. This will inspect both sides of the tablet for surface defects, OCR of dosage values, and product logo.


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